Laboratory for Human Biology Research
Northwestern University


The Laboratory has been developed as a research and teaching facility, and the lab's resources are available to graduate and advanced undergraduate students who would like to pursue their own research interests under the supervision of the lab directors.  A number of educational opportunities are available.

        • Graduate training
        • Undergraduate education
        • Courses
        • Concentration in Human Biology

Graduate Training

Graduate students are encouraged to use the laboratory facilities to pursue their own research agendas in human biology.  Resources are available for students to conduct original research, analyze data, and prepare presentations and papers.  Opportunities for training in a wide range of human biology methods are available, and students are particularly encouraged to work with the lab directors to develop new methods that meet their research needs.  Graduate students are a central part of the lab community, where regular meetings provide a forum for lab members to discuss laboratory methods, difficulties and results from ongoing research, future research proposals, and recent journal articles. Members of the lab also participate in a field school in lowland Bolivia.  

Undergraduate Education

A number of opportunities are available for undergraduate students to participate in laboratory activities. Coursesprovide background in the theories, concepts, and methods that are necessary to study human biology and health from an anthropological perspective.  The Human Biology Concentration allows students majoring in Biological Anthropology or Biological Sciences to focus their studies in this area, and to take advantage of opportunities for independent research.  Students are encouraged to work with the lab directors during the school year and/or the summer to conduct original research that can be used as the basis for a senior theses  These experiences provide interested students with hands-on training in laboratory methods, and in-depth experience with research design, data collection, and data analysis. 


The following courses are currently taught by laboratory faculty:

  • Methods in Human Biology Research
  • Human Population Biology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Evolution of Life Histories
  • Human Origins
  • Human Nature
  • Evolutionary Medicine
  • Medical Anthropology
  • International Public Health
  • Quantitative Methods in Biological Anthropology
  • Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology: Biological Anthropology
  • Seminar in Biological Anthropology
Human Biology Concentration

The Human biology concentration gives undergraduates the option of focusing their studies on human biology and health from a population, ecological, cross-cultural perspective.  Students major in Anthropology with a concentration in Human Biology. Click here for more information.